Muscles that make you look big – Top 4 that really make you look good

We are going to teach you the muscles that make the most difference in your apperance and make you look big and aesthetic.

The beginning of your fitness journey can be a magical time, a time when you can easily gain 5, 10, or even 15 pounds of muscle mass in a short period of time.

As you can imagine, this will make a huge difference to your appearance.

In fact, if you make the most of this early stage, you can build as many muscles in your first year of training as in the following 2 years combined.

This is due to the fact that your body reacts very sensitively to the new training stimuli you set in the beginning.

Unfortunately this phase comes to an end at some point and in order to achieve the same successes that we initially had within a few weeks, we now need several months and the difference will be much more difficult to see.

Unless you focus your training on the 4 muscle groups that will have the greatest impact on your appearance and create the illusion of a more muscular, more aesthetic body.

In this article I would like to not only go into which these 4 muscle groups are, but also with which exercises you can train them as easily as possible and achieve the fastest results.

muscles that make you look big

The 4 muscles that make you look bigger

The ones that have the greatest impact on your appearance and give you the illusion of a more muscular, more aesthetic body to look like a superhero.

1. Shoulders – The most important muscles that make your upper body look big

In my opinion, shoulders are the most important muscle group, especially the middle shoulder, to make a massive difference in how wide your upper body appears, as they contribute a large part to how pronounced the aesthetic V-shape of your upper body is.

Barbell shoulder press
Dumbbell lateral raises
Minfiy band raises (from our trainingguide)

Good training frequency
2 – 3 times a week

Optimal training frequency
4 – 6 times a week

2. Trapezius

Pronounced trapezius muscles are a direct sign of being stronger and more masculine. There is a strong scientific reason for this, because the trapezius muscles have a large amount of androgen receptors and are therefore a sign of high testosterone levels. This is also the reason why these are very pronounced in steroid users.

A pronounced upper trapezius will make you look stronger and more masculine from the front, side, and back.

Conveniently, we are already training the trapezius a lot with our shoulder exercises, otherwise the following are good exercises for the upper trapezius.

Barbell shrugs in a wide grip
Power clean and muscle cleans

Optimal training frequency
2 – 3 times a week

3. Latissimus

The latissimus muscles, like the shoulder muscles, contribute greatly to the aesthetic V-shape of the upper body, because they can not only be seen from behind, but also make you look better from the front by making the transition to your shoulder girdle wider and make your waist look more narrow.

Pull ups
Chin ups
Underhand grip rows

Optimal training frequency
2 – 3 times a week

4. The upper & middle chest fibers

The upper and middle fibers of the chest, are what make your chest muscles look masculine like a armored breastplate.

These fibers emphasize the aesthetic middle separation of the right and left chest muscles and can already be seen when you wear a tank top or a v neck.

In addition, strong upper and middle chest development stops your lower chest from looking too dominant, and making it look like a thick armored breastplate instead of a droopy feminine woman’s breast.

this is especially important if you dont have a low body fat percentage, because a well developed lower chest in combination with a higher body fat percentage will lead to this droopy feminine chest look.

That is why we prefer to focus on the upper chest, to give your chest a masculine look.

Incline Barbell Bench Press
Dumbbell incline press

Optimal training frequency
2 – 3 times a week

Concluding the muscles that make you look big

Of course it is important to train your entire body, but if you put additional focus on the muscle groups mentioned, you will see results much faster and in the end achieve an aesthetic result superhero.

In our training program, we have combined this with simple and time-efficient planning in order to achieve the best results for natural athletes with little time investment. Now to our training program

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