How to get rid of manboobs in a few steps

A very common question from men who are not in their best shape is how to get rid of man’s boobs, or specifically, breast fat.

So how do you get rid of man boobs?

The first thing to consider is the fact that man boobs don’t have to have just one cause. It can actually be caused by two different things or a combination of both.

Either it is a problem of excess breast fat, this can be very simple and
easy to fix.

The second cause is more complicated and is called gynecomastia, or gyno for short.

The first step should be to identify your problem so that you know how to proceed.

How you do that?

First of all, when it comes to gynecomastia it is basically caused by an actual increase in breast tissue itself, which is due to hormonal imbalances.

This usually happens at two main stages in life, either during puberty or when your testosterone levels start to drop, such as those over the age of 40.

If you have gynecomastia this will be easy to identify because it is concentrated in the nipple area and you should notice some kind of hard mass under it.

If, on the other hand, you are dealing with excess breast fat, it will not mainly be distributed to the nipple area but to your whole breast.

But it is often a combination of both.

How do you best deal with both problems?

First of all, if you decide you have gynecomastia, talk to your doctor about it and they can help you with this.

Because if it is gynecomastia, surgery will likely be required to get rid of it completely.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with excess breast fat, this problem is easy to fix.

The problem is simply that your total body fat percentage is too high and you need to lower it overall.

As you have probably heard elsewhere, it is not possible to lose body fat in specific areas of the body.

So if you do bench presses and push-ups, this will build your chest muscles under the fat and also help the fat to be better distributed and your chest to look more masculine, but you will not specifically break fat there.

We suggest that you focus you chest training on the upper and middle chest fibres to make you chest look like a armored chest plate instead of focusing on the lower chest, with too much flat bench pressing your chest will look like a droopy feminine womans chest, especially when your bodyfat percentage ist higher.

The only way to get rid of excess breast fat is to lower your overall body fat percentage.

This is pretty simple and easy to accomplish by dieting with a calorie deficit.

Best combined with strength training to build your muscles.

If you lower your total body fat percentage, your excess breast fat and man boobs will also gradually go away.

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