We offer you a sustainable and easy training system for busy people

We are helping you achieve your fitness goals with minimal effort

We belive nobody should feel weak and uncomfortable in their body

We are going to teach you a simple and time-efficient way

Just like you, we don’t have the time to spend 2 hours in the gym every day.

Your benefits


Many waste their time exercising the wrong stuff

Focus on the muscle groups that will make you look like a superhero

Achieve results with little weekly time investment

By focusing on the important 20% that will yield you most of the possible successes

Easy to understand and follow long term

with a structured plan and a clear goal to make regular progress

You don't have to workout 10 hours a week to achieve your fitness goals

You still need to put effort in your workouts, but we are helping you, to get a lot out of little time invested

Our goal

To help you build an aesthetically muscular and strong body like a superhero

even if can’t spend a lot of time on your training

Your benefits


How are we doing this?

Unfortunately, most other training systems are designed to train as much as possible to achieve the maximum outcome.

But really it is  the case, that you can already achieve most of the success that you could achieve with a maximized programm, with much less effort by focusing on the 20% most important factors that yield you most of the results and using the law of diminishing returns.

In order to achieve this, we focused on very specific things

Additionally we have kept our training system as simple as possible to provide a very clear structure that is easy to follow. This makes our training system very easy to integrate in your daily life and therefore often ensures better results long term.

Simple and easy to understand

Results with little time investment

Achieve regular progress

What is waiting for you?

Your benefits


This programm is your perfect fit when

This programm is not for you when

To give you as much freedom as possible, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you want to train 2 or 3 times a week.

On break days, you will do an exercise with resistance bands for your shoulders at home, which only takes 3 minutes.

You should have access to some weights with a barbell and a pull-up bar.

In addition, a light circular resistance band 208 cm long

Either very light yellow 64mm wide or
Light red 130mm wide

You don’t need a rack or a bench.